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Well what can we say about our furry friend Fuggle.  Fuggle was born through strong coffee, copious amounts of biscuits and lengthy discussions with our client about what they wanted their brand to reflect and the personality they wanted to show. A brand without limitations was key in this design so there was room for their business and brand to develop in time.

One of things we noticed when embarking on this project was the lack of information currently shown on pump clips about the beers flavour, this gave us a platform for what we wanted to achieve…giving people a little more information at a glance. As this was a new business we were able to start with a clean book and that is literally what we did.

We created ‘Fuggles Adventures’…Each beer tells a story based around the ingredients that it’s created from. The pump clips tell the story as it unfolds so when a new beer is created a new chapter in Fuggles adventure is created too. This creates not only an eye-catching design but builds intrigue.

The brand develops alongside the business, giving endless opportunities…who knows where Fuggle will go next!!!

Fuggle Bunny Brew House Logo
Fuggle Bunny Brew House Real Ale Jugs
Fuggle Bunny Brew House Van